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TIPA Packaging Offer these Benefits


Break Down into Compost

Certified Home and Industrial Compostable





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Now that We Produce Locally, Here are Some More Benefits:

Certified Home and Industrial Compostable

Our products are certified by accredited organizations such as TÜV AUSTRIA (OK compost HOME), and align with international standards of compostability, to ensure that the bag fully composts and leaves no contaminants or microplastics behind.

Daphna Nisenboum, CEO

Just Like Nature’s Packaging

Founded in 2010, TIPA creates innovative flexible packaging that mimic the high-end properties of conventional plastic packaging, including strength, machinability, transparency and shelf life. But, just like an orange peel in nature – the packaging leave zero waste behind.

Having succeeded in manufacturing in Europe and Australia, TIPA has decided to expand to North America, where packaging alternatives are in high demand, and as part of its strategy to produce locally on all continents.

How Compostable Packaging Biodegrades?

U.S Brands Using TIPA Packaging

Meet TIPA’s North America Team

Rodrigo Castaneda

VP / GM North America

Mark Camner

Head of Sales

Genesis Barcliff

Inside Sales & Growth Director

Tom Rogers

Sales Manager

Christopher L. Cea

Sales Manager

Thomas Kobrak

Sales Manager

Steve Gilkey

Operations Manager

Alonso Landivar

Sales Operations Manager

Barbara Labra

Marcom Director

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