A Compostable Package for Frozen Fruit

Keep delicate produce
in great condition with TIPA’s compostable bags.

Choose Your Application

Zipper Bag

Open Bag

Pillow Bag

Available For Frozen Fruit & Vegetables

Smoothie Mixes


Stone fruit

Cruciferous Vegetables


Mixed Vegetables

Maximize Your Packaging's Performance

Compliant with EU & US Food Contact Regulation

Durable & Freezer Safe

Transparent or Opaque

Certified Home & Industrially Compostable

Includes TIPA’s fully Compostable Zipper


Fully Certified Compostable

TIPA’s compostable films are certified by TÜV Austria OK Compost Home, ABA, Cre Ireland, European Bioplastics, and BPI and comply with international compostability standards EN 13432, ASTM D6400, AS 5810 as well as relevant EU & US food contact regulations


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