Your Bag Can Tell a Story

3 Simple Steps to your Compostable Packaging

Your Bag Can Tell a Story

3 Simple Steps to your Compostable Packaging

1. Select a Package

TIPA offers a range of home compostable fashion packaging tailored to fit your t-shirts, socks, pants, underwear, jackets, jewelry, and more. Once you’ve chosen a package and sizing, receive a quote from our team.

2. Customize Design

Create a custom printed dieline with your brand’s artwork. When your graphics are approved, we’ll send you an invoice for payment before we start production on your brand’s new home compostable packaging!


3. Receive your Packaging

When you receive your order, TIPA’s team is available to help you communicate this sustainable shift to your end-consumers. Please consider that production may take 12-14 business weeks after order is placed and final graphics are received.

Maximize Your Packaging's Performance

Environmental impact

Your packaging is your customer’s first impression of your brand. Make sure it’s a sustainable one.

Ideal packaging qualities

TIPA Packaging protects your product in its journey to your customers, and continues to protect the planet after.

Seamless integration

TIPA’s packaging acts like a conventional polybag and is easily implemented in your supply chain.


TIPA®’s has the best quality of home compostable packaging for fashion. Our products are certified by known organizations such as TUV Austria (OK compost), BPI, ABA and align with international standards including EN 13432, ASTM D6400 and AS 4736 (Seeding)

  • For custom printed packaging, order quantity ranges between 9,000-230,000 units per design (depending on bag size and thickness)
  • For off-the-shelf packaging, in quantities of 1,000 units per case, we will soon be launching our stock program. Pre-register here to get notified when we launch.

TIPA manufactures in various locations in Europe and ships from there globally. (Many people assume we manufacture in Israel)

Our Zipper bags, Resealable bags, and garments bags are the most popular for apparel and accessories.

Yes! Each bag is printed with your unique graphics.

Why Compostable?

Over 30% of plastic waste comes from packaging, yet only 9 percent is recycled. The rest is disposed of in landfills and marine environments, or incinerated. TIPA® believes that packaging should be part of a circular economy, where packaging never becomes waste. Just like an orange peel protecting the fruit inside, TIPA’s compostable packaging biodegrades into nourishing compost, leaving behind the same nutrients left by organic waste

Nature has created the smartest packaging on earth. Why should ours be any different?

Join TIPA in a global shift to sustainable packaging

Dozens of brands and converters around the world adopt and utilize TIPA® premium compostable flexible packaging solutions. TIPA’s films and laminates have the same end-of-life as organic matter while maintaining the qualities of conventional plastics that consumers and brands have come to rely on.



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